Our Services
At Susan Robinson Jewelry, we are known for our elegant gift wrap. Some clients have stated that their children would not show up for Christmas unless there are Susan Robinson boxes underneath the tree. We take great pride in the quality of everything that leaves the store. We are also happy to hand-deliver or ship any special gifts within the United States. In addition, on pieces purchased from our store, we will be happy to provide an appraisal for insurance purposes.
As your East Texas full-service jewelry store, our in-house jeweler has over 40 years of experience and is the best in Texas. We encourage our customers to bring their jewelry for a day at the spa so that he can clean, polish and check all your prongs and settings free of charge.

Preventative maintenance will help ensure the integrity of the piece over time. He is also here to help with:

  • Resizing your jewelry, including rings and necklaces, made to fit just for you.
  • Repairing your rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, or any other items that you need to be cared for with the highest quality of service.
  • Chain and clasp repair.
  • Pearl and bead restringing.
  • Diamond setting.
  • Adjusting and cleaning your jewelry to ensure the diamonds and precious stones are secure.
  • Cleaning, polishing, rhodium, refinishing and refurbishment of all jewelry.

We encourage people to look through their jewelry or safety deposit box and find any pieces that they aren't wearing to let us help them redesign them into something fabulous and wearable. Partnering with our clients to create a special piece is one of the true pleasures of our job.

At Susan Robinson Jewelry, we strive to create pieces that are distinct to you and made to be cherished forever. We are dedicated to delivering you the best in timeless elegance and handcrafted luxury. Thoroughout time, there are few things that remain truly celebrated. They are the moments, the heirlooms, and the art that impact the lives of those who experience them. We are humbled and honored to be a small but integral part of these memories and to help create unforgettable jewelry pieces. If you have any family treasures that need updating, please allow us to brainstorm fresh, creative ideas to create the perfect setting that will still contain all the sentiment and can be worn everyday.
Custom Design Request
From battery exchanges to complete movement overhauls, we are here to help preserve the integrity of your special timepieces.
All watch repairs come with a one to two year warranty and return looking brand new. We take great care in ensuring that we get your watch back on your wrist as fast as possible.