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Tips to Surprising Them with the Perfect Engagement Ring

For many couples, one of the best parts of the engagement proposal is the element of surprise. Find out the type of ring that will melt their hearts without letting on that you’re getting close to proposing.

The number of available styles and silhouettes of designer engagement rings can make the buying process intimidating. After all, this is the piece your partner will hopefully wear on their finger for the rest of their life, so you want it to be perfect. Our experts at Susan Robinson Fine Jewelry have put together this guide to gathering information on the engagement characteristics your partner will love without giving away the surprise.

Consult Their Friends

Odds are, if you and your partner have discussed marriage in any capacity, they’ve likely discussed what sort of engagement ring they’d prefer with their closest friends. Confide in their family members or besties, asking them to keep the proposal a secret, but enlisting them to help pry some information out of your partner.

Your partner’s closest friends are the perfect people to get help from on this because, like you, they want them to have the perfect ring.

Check Their Social Media Likes

Social media is another excellent way to gain insight into your partner’s likes and dislikes. If you’re lucky, your partner may have even created a Pinterest board with photos of the types of engagement rings they like, making your job a breeze.

If they haven’t, look through their likes and follows to find any bridal jewelry brands they may pay special attention to, as this can give you essential clues as to the engagement ring styles they’re into.

Consider Their Style

It's also imperative to consider your partner’s overall style. Do they tend to dress more minimalistic or eccentric? Trendy or traditional? What color palettes do they lean towards?

You can also consider the type of art they like, how they decorate their house, the celebrities they draw inspiration from, and more. This will help you immensely when narrowing down the style of ring you should buy for them.

Browse Their Current Jewelry Collection

Their personal jewelry collection is an essential extension of their style and aesthetic preferences. As well as helping you to figure out their ring size, their existing jewelry pieces can help guide you toward the styles of engagement rings they’ll love.

Considering their collection will also help to ensure you pick a ring that goes well with the pieces they wear most often. Snap a few photos of some of their favorite pieces and take them to your jeweler to get their help and opinion on rings that will meld easily with their existing pieces.

Shop Engagement Rings at Susan Robinson Fine Jewelry

It would truly be an honor for us at Susan Robinson Fine Jewelry to play a small part in your unique love story by providing you with the engagement ring of your partner’s dreams. Our Tyler jewelry store is stocked with an exquisite selection of designer engagement rings they are certain to adore.

We’ve staffed our showroom with only the most capable personnel who would be happy to help you assess your partner’s unique style to find the ring that best suits them. Request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our team members, or browse our inventory online, today.


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