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How To Go Engagement Ring Shopping

Engagement rings are a symbol of everlasting love and commitment. Learn how to buy one with Susan Robinson Fine Jewelry in Tyler, Texas.

An engagement is more than the sum of its parts. It represents romance, maturity, and another milestone met. Buying one of the most important objects in one’s life can be intimidating. There are an overwhelming number of options available to match your significant other’s style so that they will enjoy the ring for years. Luckily, the process is less stressful than it initially feels. Here are our tips from our Susan Robinson Fine Jewelry team on how to go about buying an engagement ring.

Shape or Setting

Engagement rings have two distinct elements: the center stone and the setting. This is especially true with settings, as not all diamond shapes look best in all settings. Some diamond shapes are more expensive than others as well. A budget makes the balancing act more complex, so it may come down to picking one or the other to spend more on.

Pick Your Ring Setting

There are a myriad of engagement ring settings out there that are each designed by creative and talented jewelry makers. Do you want something minimalist, something maximalist, or something in between? Some settings have diamond accents, others with ornate metalwork, but all are beautiful and suitable for someone. Halos and pavé set stones can even make a center stone look larger by lending their radiance.

Rings last a long time, so choose whatever speaks to you and your partner on a personal connection.

Find Your Diamond Shape

The center stone’s shape, or “cut,” greatly affects the ring’s overall aesthetic, as well as its cost. The most common, iconic, and expensive cut is the round brilliant. It reflects more light than any other with the most facets. Emerald cut stones are perfect for high-quality gems as these elongated and parallel stones create a hall of mirrors effect. Pear shapes are great for smaller diamonds as they make the most of their carats.

There are plenty of guides on the subject, but remember that all diamond shapes are wonderful in their own way. People will have their own preferences for which shape of stone they like best. Always make sure that your diamond is GIA-certified to ensure its authenticity.

Buy an Engagement Ring at Susan Robinson Fine Jewelry

People get their engagement rings from three main sources: from a local jewelry store like Susan Robinson Fine Jewelry, on the internet, or from a large chain. A local jeweler provides excellent customer service and treats you like family. Online, you browse a large variety of pieces, often at a lower price. Some jewelers like our establishment can do both, so you can order online and pick it up in-store. We look forward to providing you and your family the service and luxury jewelry that you deserve. To learn more about our Tyler jewelry store, contact us online, or call our trained and amiable staff at (903) 581-5530.


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