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Modern Engagement Ring Styles

Modern Engagement Ring Styles

Many people dream of finding the perfect engagement ring that will perfectly match their love. Jewelers continue to meet this challenge with creativity, ingenuity, and artistry. Today, there are several varieties of glamorous rings to choose from, each bearing its own unique look. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious floral style or a contemporary edge, there is a modern engagement for you at Susan Robinson Fine Jewelry.

Hidden Halos Engagement Rings

A twist on the classic halo, a hidden halo setting creates a platform for the halo of brilliant diamonds underneath the center stone. The halo can only be visible from the side profile, adding a much-needed touch of radiant beauty to an oft-underutilized angle. This rare setting is an exceptional way to make a ring unique.

Oval Cut Halo Rings

For those who seek a radiant center display but with a more distinctive look than a round stone can provide, oval cut halo rings are ideal. Oval shaped diamonds are loved for their slender, elegant shape. A magnificent halo continues to elevate the center stone’s light by creating a wonderful frame around the curved beauty that distinguishes an oval cut center stone.

Split Shank Rings

The area on the band that surrounds the center stone is called the shank. In a split shank setting, the shank parts, allowing for eye-catching gaps. Split shanks have a distinct and complex aesthetic with a fantastic maximalist display. For a more luxurious look, some rings have diamond pave imbued on the parted shank which adds a romantic sparkle to your ring design.

Bezel Engagement Rings

Almost all diamonds are mounted in a prong setting, wherein small precious metal spokes hold the stone in place. In bezel settings, the gemstone is embraced by precious metal. They have a chic contemporary edge that is sure to enchant every viewer. As a bonus, there’s no need to worry about snapped prongs. A bezel engagement ring is much more secure than their counterparts.

Intertwining Engagement Rings

Intertwining engagement rings are marvelous pieces, as the band resembles a cluster of strips of metal wrapped around each other. Many of these pieces have a vine-like aesthetic, although some assert that they are more akin to a string of yarn. Some pieces use mixed metals, so as to weave the colors of, for example, white and yellow gold together.

Find Engagement Rings at Susan Robinson

Susan Robinson Fine Jewelry has long been Tyler, Texas’ favorite jeweler. Our fantastic selection of bridal jewelry offers the finest engagement rings and wedding bands. From modern styles to more traditional looks, we have it. Want to learn more? Give our showroom a call at (903) 581-5530 or email our staff at Info@SusanRobinsonJewelry.com to learn all the answers.

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